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Fresh Ginger (Thin Ginger)

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Thin ginger (paris ginger, jarmaca ginger, vietnamese ginger) with stronger taste and 100 gr up. Harvested time: from September to February and scattered till June.
Thin ginger or paris ginger, some call as Jamaica ginger is a small ginger containing much fiber rather than other kind of ginger. Also, it has stronger pungency and distinct aroma that is why thin ginger is used as an important spice in Easterner. This is Vietnamese ginger having stronger taste by compared with Chinese one. The use of this kind of ginger is for manufacturing ginger.


Name: Fresh Thin Ginger
Quality: Clean, bright yellow color with delicate fragrance, no insect pest, no perish, no preservative.
Description: 10-12 month in age.
Size: 100gr-200gr
Package: Carton box: 10kg/box
Mesh bag: 20kg
Supply time: All the year round
Terms of Payment T/T, L/C
Certificate HACCP, ISO:22000/2018, GAP
Container capacity From 15 tp 27mt/40’ reefer container.
Lead time 5-7 days after receiving payment
MOQ 1*20’ FCL or 1*40' FCL



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