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Story of Vietnam Ginger

Ginger Gold is the leading company in Vietnam in producing Ginger and Ginger root products. With over 10 years' experience in the ginger industry, we are proud to be one of the leading reputable ginger essential oil suppliers and manufacturers in Vietnam. Our main Ginger products include:

Fresh ginger:
We provide a wide range of fresh ginger products according to customer requirements including buffalo ginger, sharing ginger, young ginger, and peeled ginger.
To have a stable supply, we have cooperated with cooperatives and farmers to build up sustainable ginger planting areas. We have invested seed, planted technical instructions, and output consumption for farmers. Our key ginger areas are Hoa Binh, Son La, Bac Can, Cao Bang, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An. The southern provinces are An Giang, Soc Trang, Binh Phuoc, Lam Dong, Gia Lai ... The annual output of fresh ginger is more than 10,000 tons.
Dry ginger:
We have products like sliced ​​dried ginger, whole dried ginger, and ginger powder.
Our dried ginger products are dried according to German technology, keeping the quality and natural fragrance of our products. The production capacity of dried ginger per month ranges from 300 - 500 tons/month
Ginger pickled/ Ginger Sushi:
This is one of our major export products. Our products include whole ginger sushi, sliced ​​ginger sushi, and ginger pomegranate sushi
Ginger sushi is produced according to ISO22000 / HACCP standards and exported to Japan, Korea, Europe, and America. The output per month is 300 tons.
Ginger Honey:
This product is manufactured according to the customer's order.
Products used as ginger tea, to serve with bread or to make drinks.
Products are mainly exported to Europe and America
Ginger Oil:
Produced by steam distillation method. Ginger essential oil product branded Ginger GOLD (golden ginger) has been the most prestigious brand name of Ginger essential oil in Vietnam during the past time. Ginger GOLD Ginger essential oil products are also exported to Europe, America, and Japan and are trusted by customers for their excellent quality and competitive prices.
With 3 closed double ginger essential oil extraction lines, each month we can supply from 1.5 tons to 2 tons of ginger essential oil/month.
Factory equipment:
4 Ginger essential oil distillers, essential oil extraction system
1 line of drying ginger
3 cold storage in Hanoi
5 ginger grinders
5 ginger washing machines with a total washing capacity of 40 tons/day
The capacity to provide ginger products:
Fresh ginger: 40 tons / day.
Ginger essential oil: 2000 kg/month.
Peeled fresh ginger: 500 tons/month.
Japanese salted ginger: 500 tons/month.
Dried ginger: 300 tons / month.
Young ginger: 1000 tons/month (depending on the age of ginger according to customer requirements).
Capital ginger, ginger instrument: According to the order.
Ginger varieties: According to the order.