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How to use ginger oil

Ginger essential oil could be used in a variety of ways and for different health conditions. 


1. Inhaling the fragrance at least two or three times every day, and adding some drops into an essential oil diffuser and using it on a regular basis for uplifting moods and enhancing feelings of courage.

2. Improve your heart health and rate of blood circulation by applying one or two drops of ginger oil diluted in 1 tsp carrier oil, twice daily over your chest area.

3. Applying three drops of this aromatherapy oil into 1 tbsp of epsom salts, and add to your warm bath water can help you in getting rid of toxic substances and even enhancing digestive processes.

4. Alleviating muscular pains and joint discomforts by rubbing ginger essential oil (diluted in carrier oil) on the affected parts at least two times every day.

5. Do you have stomach-turning experiences or nausea? You can get nausea relief by rubbing one or two drops of ginger essential oil (diluted in carrier oil) over your stomach or diffusing some drops in your diffuser unit.

6. Are you suffering limited sexual drive or desire? You can handle this malady by massaging some drops of this oil onto your lower abdomen or feet (diluted in carrier oil). Additionally, you can diffuse two or three drops of ginger essential oil in your diffuser.

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